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Joe and Adamby Brandon Nedwek on 500px

Joe and Adam
by Brandon Nedwek on 500px

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Anonymous asked: “Hello :) Um, basically I'm having some troubles coming out to my best friend as bi, I'm pretty sure she is straight and supportive of the gay rights movement but I am paranoid she will reject me if I tell her. This however doesn't stop me wanting to tell her. I was wondering if you could help me find ways I could tell her without it being too awkward or overly dramatic or anything?”

Hello anon,

If she is a supportive of LGBTQ* rights, then there is no reason to be afraid of coming out to her, especially considering she is also your best friend; you may even learn that she was suspicious about you already.

When it comes to how to come out, there is really no strict way to do so, but it is better to be calm first. As an idea, you can bring up a conversation regarding LGBTQ* news, let’s say a recent marriage equality news, then to direct the talk in a way to come out to her, or another way might be telling her that you appreciate her being a supportive for LGBTQ* rights and it has more importance to you because you are bisexual, etc. There are endless ways and just go with the one, not necessarily the conversation idea, that you would feel most comfortable about, and it will be okay.

Do not be afraid of your coming out to be awkward or overly dramatic, as even if it happens to be so, she is your best friend and will support you regardless.

Hope this helps.

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Anonymous asked: “Hey okay like some of my friends are bisexual and lesbian and i feel like i might be bisexual but i'm not sure and when i try to bring it up to my parents they don't take it seriously and i'm afraid to tell them straight up what do i do? and my friend says she wants me to be bisexual also because shes lonely and i'm kinda thinking about it but like idk.”

Hello anon,

First of all, let’s clarify this: you do not become bisexual. You just cannot. You can not wake up one day and say “hey, today I feel like being bisexual”, or you cannot be like “aww, I will be bisexual for you, hang on a second” just because your friend “asks” for it.

If you feel like there is more to explore on your sexuality, then do so, and observe your attractions and see who you fall for, how your feelings differ. Eventually, you will discover it fully and then you can go with the label that you want. Do not rush coming out or finding a label.

Oh, also, you cannot expect to be taken serious when you do not take yourself serious. You should give yourself time to do above first so that you can then consider how to come out, with respect to what you have found about yourself.

Hope this helps.

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Anonymous asked: “Haii. So I just recently started dating this girl who I've had a major crush on for a while now. But when I say dating, I don't mean we're girlfriends, we're just going on dates together before getting serious. But anyways, I want to tell my parents about it, but I'm not sure if I should or not... It's not just the whole coming out part, it's also the fact that she likes to be a bit more private about her love life.. So I don't know if telling my parents would be a good thing or not... Thanks.”

Hello anon,

Coming out and announcing you are in a relationship are really different things. You do not need to tell you are dating her just because you come out at the end. If coming out to your parents would be safe and if you do want to come out, then do so, but when it comes to telling about your “potential” girlfriend, let’s say, it is better to talk to her first to see if she would feel comfortable; regardless her response, you should respect that. At the end, eventually, both of you will feel comfortable when you get more serious than just dating, so there is no need to rush.

Hope this helps.

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Melanie & Veronica

Pictures by T.J. Salsman Photography

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Remember when Honey Maid released that “wholesome families” ad, featuring same-sex couples, parents with tattoos, biracial couples, and other general awesomeness? Conservatives were pissed. So Honey Maid did them one better and released another video, addressing the hateful and homophobic comments head-on. And now I’m crying. (via the Huffington Post)

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Anonymous asked: “I really want to come out to my family but I just cant find the courage to do it and it's really been getting to me lately.”

Hello anon,

Please make sure coming out will not jeopardize your situation first. 

When it comes to gaining that courage, I know how hard it can be. What you are trying to get courage for is being open and honest, both to yourself and to your family, so if your family would accept it, then think about how great and freeing it would be for you; no need to tell lies, no need to hide, no more a life in closet. Coming out to your close friends would also help, given that you have not and you would like to, as otherwise, you can also talk to them and their support will encourage you, too.

You can also contact GSA at your school, PFLAG or a local LGBTQ* organization for more guidance if you are in need of.

Regardless how freeing coming out can be, please make sure it is safe coming out, as your safety matters the most. If you discover it might not be, it might be better to postpone.

Hope this helps.

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Anonymous asked: “i've been openly genderqueer and pansexual for a couple years now. my parents act like we never had my coming out discussion, but for now that relieves me of a lot of stress. however, lately i've been finding myself unable to want to have sex with my (wonderful) boyfriend of 5+ years. I only feel attraction to women and nonbinary people anymore, and boys are uninteresting to me. i don't know what to do. he's my best friend and i feel horrible when i feel revolted by his body.”

Hello anon,

What I fail to understand is that you say you are pansexual but note that you are not attracted to men anymore, which for me contradicts with the definition of pansexual, as pansexuals state that they do not “see” gender of a person, where obviously you seem to do so. If there is a misunderstanding of mine or such, please let me know.

Regardless, when it comes to losing your desire to be together with your boyfriend, it sounds like a way deeper problem than just your sexuality, so it needs a wider discuss than that. It does not make sense, in my opinion, for someone to suddenly stop being attracted to, not to just one person but to people of that gender all together all of a sudden, so I feel like there is more behind that. Is it really just the gender that makes you lose your desire, or is there more? Do not get me wrong but some use such things as an excuse to end a relationship to hide and avoid such stuff, so there is so much to consider and question here.

I think you should have a proper talk with him, and I am sure he must be noticing differences in your approaches as well. Also, be honest to yourself and observe your attractions, how they have changed accordingly and what effects if or if there are factors that have influence on it or not.

I am sorry I cannot provide a better answer than that.

Best wishes.

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Some Heartwarming Pictures from the First Day of Marriage Equality in U.K.

Couples featured here (top to bottom, left to right):

  1. Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway
  2. Kate Barber and Melanie Elvins
  3. Andrew Wale and Neil Allard
  4. Sarah Keith and Emma Powell
  5. Kyle Emerson & Richie Wood
  6. Phil Robathan and James Preston

Click for more on BuzzFeed here.

All rights of pictures are reserved to respective owners.

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