10 Historical LGBT Moments

Pictures courtesy of ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.

01. Police Officers Holding Hands At The Los Angeles Christopher Street West Pride Parade - 1972

02. Man Holds A ‘We Are Your Children’ Sign On Gay Freedom Day At The San Francisco Pride Parade - June 25, 1978

03. Harvey Milk Speaks At The Los Angeles Christopher Street West Pride Parade - 1978

04. Lesbian Women Embrace At The Los Angeles Christopher Street West Pride Festival Gay Think Booth - June 1975

05. Lesbians Kissing At The First Woman’s Building - 1974

06. Families Marching In The Los Angeles Christopher Street West Pride Parade - 1982

07. Philadelphia Gay Wedding. This Photograph Was Part Of A Set That Was Deemed Inappropriate By A Photo Shop In Philadelphia And Never Returned To The Customer - 1957 

08. Block And J.J. Belanger Kissing In A Photo Booth. The Album Caption Reads - ‘PGE Exhibition, Hastings Park.’ - 1953 

09. Crowd Holds Hands At The Los Angeles Christopher Street West Pride Parade - 1971 

10. Protesters Gather At The Stop Anita Demonstration At Hollywood High School - June 13, 1977 

ONE Archives is the oldest continuing LGBTQ organization in the United States and the largest repository of LGBTQ materials in the world is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

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