Anonymous asked: “For some time I knew I was different. I never really cared about gender. I just want to find someone I care about and be with them, how do I define myself? I do find both sexes attractive but I don't care so much about it. Do I define myself as Bi or pan?”

Those are quite close terms and sometimes I do see people using both for themselves, but the major difference in pansexuality is that they state they do not see genders of people and that gender has no role on their attractions. It is also important to note that pansexuals ignore the gender binary as it has no role on their attractions (thus there is not just two sexes) but I do know bisexuality is best defined as attraction to one or more genders (again rejecting the binary). So, although pansexuality seems to be different by rejecting the role of gender, it is also considered as a “branch” of bisexuality sometimes, as you can find out more here on

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