Weronika and Agnieszka

Pictures by beata812 on deviantART.

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Pictures from Tabitha and Cynthia’s Wedding

For the complete gallery click here, and for the story behind the wedding click here.
Photos by Beaux Arts Photographie.

These pictures are ridiculously sweet and amazing, oh my goodness.

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Lesbian Soldier on Leave Gets Engaged
By Boo Jarchow

With the repeal of DADT more and more sweet, loving moments between LGBT couples are making it to the web. We wanted to share this happy video of a reunion between a lesbian couple when one, a soldier, arrives home on leave. There’s a proposal involved. And to think, this couldn’t have happened so publicly a year ago.

Watch the video and be ready for lots of “awwww” moments!

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Real Gay Engagement in San Francisco, California : Desiree and Nicole:

"Our story is one of true love, united souls and hearts full of joy…

As fate would have it Des and I met through her stepsister, Melissa. At the time, Melissa and I worked together and when she mentioned Des I was not really sure about meeting someone who lived so far away; I lived in San Francisco and Des lived in San Diego. Melissa left me armed with Desiree’s phone number, email address and 3 pieces of info – Des was in law school, loved to travel, especially in Latin America, and she had good teeth…Go figure. We would have so much in common and if it didn’t develop into a romance we would at least be friends..she just knew it! The pieces of information she left Des about me were; I am well-traveled, Latina, and smart. We were both intrigued by the little we knew about the other but also skeptical; we were nervous about putting our hearts on the line once again.
So, I sat on emailing Desiree for about 2 weeks during which her sister kept asking me, “What are you waiting for?” Finally, after spending some time thinking how to even begin the conversation, I sent the first email entitled, “A place to meet.” From the first email until the 3 weeks later when we finally met in person we sent novels to each other about ourselves and our lives…from hobbies, to dreams, poems, pictures (not of ourselves) of family, etc. We fell in love, literally from the second email exchange. The words we wrote to each other, the feeling behind each piece of ourselves that we shared – we were open, honest, full of heart and we both felt so free talking to each other. We had never been so free and so trusting with anyone before and we could feel the connection through each word. Every night we would both rush home to read the next chapter.

Shortly before our actual meeting in San Francisco, we got up the courage to talk on the phone. Each transition to the next mode of communication was scary but exhilarating. Every new step forward was exciting…yet we both felt moments of caution..are we taking this too fast? But we both talked about just letting go and seeing what happened. Hearing each others’ voices was that much more meaningful. With each step forward there was no expectation; one step just led to the next. We talked for hours late into the night and every word we spoke to each other was so genuine. There was never a need to lie or to try to say the right thing…it all came naturally.
The day we finally met face-to-face was magical. We were both so pumped up on adrenaline and so excited that the hours could not go by fast enough. The first look as we walked toward each other down the street, the first hug, and by the end of the night the first kiss tied our futures together forever.

Over the world wide web and through the phone we had fallen in love with each others’ hearts and souls, but being together – holding hands, breathing the same air, skin to skin – we fell in love with each other as two beautiful individuals. The kind of love that gives wings and not boundaries; the kind of love one thinks can never exist and the freedom to be exactly who we are with no pressure to change. Love with truth, appreciation, desire, and complete oneness.

Four months later, on December 21st, 2008, on a beach just behind the Coronado Hotel in San Diego, against the sound of the ocean and Christmas music from the ice skating rink, I got down on one knee in the sand and asked the woman of my dreams to spend the rest of her life with me. After she said “YES!!” we both sank to our knees and cried for the happiness we felt.
After nearly two years of living in different cities, we’ve settled near San Francisco, and now, we look toward our wedding day… a gorgeous, sunny day on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, toes in the warm sand, and our closest family and friends surrounding us, dresses blowing in the soft wind of the waves…we look into each others’ eyes as we say our vows and commit to our future together. And we know with pure conviction that this is a love that will last a lifetime.

Nic and I have 6, yes count ‘em SIX animals, 4 cats and 2 dogs. So, it was very important to us to include our animals in our engagement pics. We love our home in Alameda and wanted Maurice to capture our beautiful home and our beautiful furry family; we had such a great time taking these pictures and the animals were happy to pose! Then, we went to the city and to the spot where we first kissed – on the Embarcadero with the Bay Bridge in the background. Insert the “awwww” here. :-) Finally, we both LOVE sushi and sake so we ended our shoot at our favorite sake bar in the city.”

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Kiss by TGKW on Flickr.Glasgow, 2011.

Kiss by TGKW on Flickr.
Glasgow, 2011.

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Mt Titlis Snowman2 by LiangHH on Flickr.

Mt Titlis Snowman2 by LiangHH on Flickr.

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