Remember when Honey Maid released that “wholesome families” ad, featuring same-sex couples, parents with tattoos, biracial couples, and other general awesomeness? Conservatives were pissed. So Honey Maid did them one better and released another video, addressing the hateful and homophobic comments head-on. And now I’m crying. (via the Huffington Post)

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Gaby Christian and Nicole Pacent, in Marriage Equality PSA for She4MarriageEquality (She4ME), directed by Nicole Conn.

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The ad titled “Luge” by The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI), as a response Russia’s Anti-LGBT Propaganda Law

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This short film released by Human Rights Watch shows the terrifying situation and violence that LGBT individuals are facing in Russia.

Human Rights Watch Russia researcher Tanya Cooper said:

“Russian officials embolden homophobes and their violent attacks,”

This is serious folks. THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!

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WATCH: Activists in Paris took to the streets to highlight the Olympic host country’s human rights violations

Stephan Oberreit, Director General of Amnesty France, said:

"People have an image of Russia of things getting better. No, there are problems in Russia and we have to remember that we’re not just buying gas or selling weapons or technology to the Russians, having cultural exchanges. There’s human rights violations and the wider public has to acknowledge this."


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Actress Laverne Cox on National Gay and Lesbian Task Force annual conference “Creating Change” on Jan. 30.

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Lucas & David

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My coming out story…I think I covered all the bases. I felt it was important to make this video, the more of these stories that are out there the world becomes a better place. :-)

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Live and Let Love


Back on October 6, 2013, Stockholm’s Olympic Stadium filled with 2,000 people gathered to film a moving video showing both their opposition to Russia’s anti-LGBT legislation banning so-called gay propaganda, and their support of LGBT people around the world.

The short film, titled “Live And Let Love,” features a diverse group of people from all walks of life, surrounded by rainbow flags, singing the Russian national anthem. The result is a powerful and inspirational reminder of the beauty inherent in both Russian and LGBT culture as we prepare for the kickoff of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi on Friday, February 7.

The creative minds behind the short film are encouraging others to create their own rainbow version of the Russian National Anthem and share on social media under the hashtag #livendletlove. Sheet music and lyrics are available at

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Coming Out video submitted by fairytalecruze

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